About Us

KATHAKALPA Library for Children

The Library offers books for children from birth through 16 yrs. Collections include story books on attention, social & thinking skills for different age groups. Staff members with expertise in early literacy, child development are always available to help find just the right book.


·         A large collection of picture books,

·         Books for babies and toddlers too.

·         Best collection for emerging Readers in a variety of levels

·         Great collection of chapter books for elementary and middle school reading levels.

·         Storytelling for ages 2 to 12 yrs.

·         Regular classes to develop life skills.


·         Kathakalpa library is the third best places for your children beyond home and school — where children can improve their skills, nourish their intelligence.

·         Rich collections make Kathakalpa library probably the one of its kind of library in neighbor hoods.


Our Aim:

Provide opportunities that empower children to reach their full potential and creating lifelong learning & creativity.

Our commitment is to:

·         Promote reading and literacy for children

·         Maintain high quality customer service through well-trained professional staff and volunteers

·         Strengthen the library by developing, maintaining and sharing resources in a responsible manner.


·         More than 2,000 + students attended our well planned classes.

·         More than 3000+ adults benefitted through our parenting \storytelling workshops.