Frequently Asked Questions

Question: In which city/areas does Kathakalpa deliver the books?

Answer: While registration, we prompt to select the pin-code, only in the specified areas Kathakalpa delivers the books.

Question: What is the registration procedure?

Answer: Just 3 steps, click on registration button, fill the required details in step-1, select the membership plan in step-2 and pay.

Question: What is the mode of payment to get library subscription?

Answer: Payment can be made through any one of the following methods: Net banking, Credit card/Debit Card.

Question: What is wish list?

Answer: Once complete the registration procedure, will get the membership access to Kathakalpa website, there you can move the books to wish list by clicking on wish-list button icon, based on availability of the books, Kathakalpa will deliver the books which are in the wish list.

Question: What is the minimum and max number of books needs to maintain in wish list?

Answer: At any point of time, it is suggested to maintain between10 to 20 books in the wish list.

Question: What is the delivery procedure?

Answer: Kathakalpa delivers books on every weekend. Once registration process has been completed Kathakalpa starts delivering books from the immediate weekend. Existing books needs to return to the executive while delivering the books. If you don’t receive the books on any weekend, please give us a call and we will take it on a priority basis. We don’t deliver or pick books on adhoc request.

Question: How many books will be delivered at every weekend?

Answer: The number of books you can take at any point of time is dependent on the plan that you sign up for.

Question: How to upgrade/downgrade membership?

Answer: At any time you can upgrade your membership, in customer account section, click on change membership and proceed accordingly, but you cannot downgrade a plan while it is running. Downgrade is only possible after expiry of the current membership plan. Alternatively do reach out to us and we will be happy to help you change your plan.

Question: What is the procedure to cancel/surrender membership during membership period?

Answer: You need to drop an email to before generating the next bill, our executive will call you to confirm your request and to take the details of closure. Our executive will pick-up the books, once we receive the books, within 10 days, our executive will deliver the cheque at your registered address after deducting the dues from your security deposit. To be noted that there would be no refund of the membership fees or the registration fees.

Question: How to pay the membership fee?

Answer: To make membership payment within the expiry date of your membership, please Login, go to My Account section and Renew Account.

Question: What are the charges for late payment of membership fees?

Answer: We charge fine of Rs.30 if the membership fees is not paid within 7 days from the due date, and books will not be delivered until the payment is cleared.

Question: How to communicate if away from home during the weekends?

Answer: Select the check box available in the account section-No delivery, so that until you uncheck we will not deliver the books.

Question: What if a wrong book has been delivered or the books delivered are not in good condition?

Answer: We request not to accept the delivery, and register the issue by calling or by mailing us, we will address the issue as soon as possible.

Question: How to retrieve password?

Answer: To retrieve your password, click on "Login", then click on “Forgot Password” and proceed accordingly.

Question: How much safe doing online transaction with Kathakalpa website?

Answer: It is completely safe because Kathakalpa does not collect card details, after clicking on "Pay now" button, you will be directed to PayUMoney secure gateway for payment which is a leading payment gateway which secures card details as per government guidelines. After completing the payment process, you will be redirected to Kathakalpa website.

Question: What are one time charges?

Answer: Registration fee and security deposits are the onetime charges, registration fee is non-refundable and security deposit is refundable at the time of close of membership.

Question: How to pause from the library services?

Answer: Members can take pause for library services, need to drop a mail to or make a call, we will stop delivering the books. Will charge nominal amount rupees 100 for each month of pause and remaining amount will be added to customer account as reward points, it can be used at the time of renewal.

Question: What if the book issued gets lost?

Answer: If a book that you have been issued gets lost, please call us on our toll free number or send a mail to We will adjust the value of the book (MRP) from your security deposit.