Bad Parenting Practices That Effect Your Child Self-Esteem

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  Confidence is faith in oneself; however it doesn’t come without competence.                   Competence is able to do something efficiently! This feeling provides children the confidence to feel that “I can do it”. If children don’t have faith in their competence, they feel insecure to deal with the outer world. Competence will give them the strength […]


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When you are tumbling into the world of stories it’s important to learn about how many kinds of stories are there to tell. Folktale: These are Why & How stories but not always scientifically proven stories. We are not sure that the story is true. These stories are passed down from generations. We hear so […]

6 ways To Foster Social Skills Through Stories

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Social Skills: Developing effective social skills lead to better communication, showing empathy, understanding other’s body language and emotions which are not taught in school, we as parents need to teach children all these skills through daily conversation or activities. Emotional Intelligence plays crucial role in developing children social skills. “It is an ability to recognize, […]

Practice Practice Practice

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How to Practice a story? When you are telling a story either to your kids or in front of audience members who are completely new to you, your job is to take the audience away to an imaginative world and make emotional connection. If you are able to do that through your narration, they can […]

What is Storytelling And Why?

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What is carved on rocks will wear away in time, what is told from mouth to mouth will live forever                                                                                                                                                  – Vietnamese saying What is a story\Storytelling?? Story is an approach to convey our feelings and thoughts to others and that need not always be a human being. We do tell stories to ourselves. […]

Thinking Skills

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What do we mean by ‘Thinking Skills’? Thinking is a naturally occurring process that happens as we experience something.  Thinking skills help us to deal with the world around us. The better we think the more we can understand how things work and this can help us realise our potential.   Why do we need […]

Cognitive Skills

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We want our children to be vibrant in their actions and get more out of their life. To fulfil all these hopes and dreams their overall cognitive development is very essential. It refers to the dynamic building of various learning skills of thinking capability, memory building and the ability to pay attention etc. In detail: […]